Vance Charter Mission Statement

Our mission is to teach and inspire each child to become an independent thinker and a contributing citizen with a life-long desire to learn. Each child will be given a collectively supportive opportunity to reach his or her greatest potential with small class sizes, a safe and nurturing environment, active parental involvement and a strong curriculum that is enriched with service learning and the Core Knowledge Sequence.


    You are our nation's future.
    The leaders of tomorrow.

    As teachers, it is our duty, responsibility and honor to help you become the very best you can be. We will always work diligently to guide, teach, and promote a healthy, productive and educationally sound foundation from which you will build your future.

    It is, therefore, your duty and responsibility to learn, develop and nurture both the positive character examples and enriching educational base that is ready and waiting for you at Vance Charter.

    You shape our nation's future,
    the guardians of the leaders of tomorrow.

    As parents, it is your duty, responsibility and honor to be your child's best advocate and to model at home, the respect for knowledge and character attributes that will best serve your child's future. We trust and rely on your good judgement to reinforce, develop and further enrich their academic and moral education.

    Together as partners, we will work to the best of our abilities to fulfill our children's bright promise. You are your child's best resource.

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2017-2018: School Performance Grade-65, School Letter Grade-C, Met Growth

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NC Homeless Education Program

Homeless Liaison: Dawn Hicks

Homeless Liaison Contact Info:

Phone: 252-431-0440


State Coordinator:

Lisa Philips (337-315-7491)

NCHEP Website:

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Vance Charter Latest News

Catch up on the latest Vance Charter news. Our four most recent news posts are below.

2018 VCS Open House for 6-11

VCS Open House Thursday, August 16th, 2018 Grades 6-11 Floating 4PM-7PM Athletic Passes will be available: $50 for Family Passes and $35 for Individual's  

2018 VCS Open House for K-5

Vance Charter Open House Monday, August 20th, 2018 Kindergarten - Fifth Grade Floating 4PM-7PM *Parent meetings, if applicable, are indicated below. Athletic Passes will be available: $50 for Family Passes and $35 for [...]

Western VIP K-5 Dance and Court- May 4th

Vance Charter Western VIP K-5 Dance and Court Information

Early Dismissal Today 3-12-18

A message from VANCE CHARTER SCHOOL(3-12-18) Good morning. Due to impending weather conditions, we will dismiss today at 1:30 PM.  Dismissal will occur as it normally does on the side of the school. ALL after [...]

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