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Why Work With Vance Charter?

At Vance Charter you will love your work & love where you work. A few reasons why are below:

We believe that parental involvement is paramount to the education of the whole child.

We have a racially and culturally diverse community of students, parents and staff, together dedicated to creating an environment in which each person is valued and treated with unconditional positive regard and acceptance.

Students learn by active participation in developmentally appropriate activities.

Classroom instruction includes hands-on learning, innovative techniques and experiential, cooperative learning, all of which are enriched with educationally and culturally sound field trips.

Teachers enhance student success by modeling critical and creative thinking skills; by providing a sound, vibrant curriculum; by utilizing innovative teaching strategies and by engaging in on-going assessment of student outcomes.

All students are capable of learning. Every student learns best when provided with the proper instructional tools in an academic environment that enables each individual to reach his or her greatest potential.

Teachers target instruction at developmentally and academically appropriate levels.

All children have strengths and gifts that we recognize and celebrate.

Our success is not measured by state mandated tests alone.

We educate the “whole child”- academically, morally, and socially- while promoting an appreciation for diversity and fostering a mastery of life skills.

Students evolve as contributing citizens through service learning that integrates interpersonal skills, life experiences and academic subject matters to meet real community needs.

The four basic elements of service learning are: preparation, service, reflection and celebration.

Character education is an integral part of the curriculum, woven daily into lessons and reflected in behavior expectations.

Selective use of educational best practices, backed by current research and authentic assessment, enhances the quality of instruction.