Board of Directors

Johnny Yount
Johnny YountChairperson
Janet Green
Janet GreenTreasurer
Christy Bunn
Christy BunnVice-Chairperson
Brooks Spencer
Brooks SpencerMember
Matt Currin
Matt CurrinMember
Carl Fisher
Carl FisherMember
Alan Simmons
Alan SimmonsMember
Brian Cloninger
Brian CloningerMember
Cara Kirby
Cara KirbySecretary
Mike Kilian
Mike KilianMember
Brian Hobgood
Brian HobgoodMember
(June - 2018)
Pam Jackson
Pam JacksonMember
(June - 2018)
Jill Bender
Jill BenderMember
(June - 2018)

Vance Charter School Board of Directors

Post Office Box 842

Henderson, N.C. 27536

Board meets Third Monday of every month at 6:00 P. M. in media center.

Executive Committee:
Chairperson: Johnny Yount
Vice-Chairperson: Christy Bunn
Treasure: Janet Green
Secretary: Cara Kirby

Below is a list of Committees and Chair:
Finance Committee Chair – Janet Green
Strategic Planning Committee Chair – Brooks Spencer
B&G Committee Chair – Carl Fisher
Student Recruitment Chair
Policy and Personnel Chair – Brian Cloninger
School and Community Relations Chair – Cara Kirby

Board Committee Meeting Schedule for 2017-2018


Board Training PowerPoint Presentation as presented 11/21/17