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Students at Vance Charter School come together every day.
Today, we need our parents and community to come together so that Vance Charter can continue to grow.


Why Give To VCS?

Unlike other public schools, charter schools often have to overcome enormous financial challenges. Charter schools are held entirely responsible for their academic and managerial performance. We do not receive any facilities funding from the state.

With that in mind, we need everyone’s help to support Vance Charter. No donation is too small. All donations are greatly appreciated and used to further our mission to teach and inspire each child to become an independent thinker and a contributing citizen with a life-long desire of learning.

How Are Funds Used?

Below is a list of ways that we use funds donated to VCS.

  • Funds are used to help to provide a high-quality education to our students that includes a small teacher-to-student ratio, a challenging yet exciting curriculum, integrated service learning, overnight academic field trips, ……
  • Further the goal of preparing our students for success today and tomorrow.
  • Help VCS to continue to grow so that we can serve more students.
  • Professional development for our staff
  • Technology equipment for the classroom.

If you are unable to give financially, support us in other ways.

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
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