Box Tops For Education

Save box tops off of participating products. Each box top is worth 10¢ to Vance Charter School. Don’t throw out your box tops. Clip them and bring them in to school to help us raise funds.

Why Collect Box Tops?

Box Tops for Education has been an easy way to raise money for our FOVC. We have raised upwards of $1,800 a year through this program. This is with less than 25% participation from VCS families. If everyone collected Box Tops, imagine our potential! If you don’t already collect Box Tops, please start NOW! Go to the website to see all of the participating products:

If you have any questions, call Tammy Gallagher, our Box Tops coordinator, at 252-432-3260.

Sean Connolly
Vance Charter School
(252) 431-0440

What Do I Do After I Save Them?

After you collect Box Tops please paste them onto the BoxTops Sheet.  For every sheet filled out, a parent will receive one hour of volunteer time.  Completed sheets should be turned  it in to homeroom teachers.  Please make sure the child’s name and homeroom teacher’s names are on the sheet! Mrs. Gallager (from FOVC) will collect the sheets and count the volunteer hours.  She will turn her list into Mr. Connolly.  Parents do not need to include this on their Volunteer Log sheet.

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