Friends of Vance Charter

Friends of Vance Charter (FOVC) is an organization consisting of Vance Charter School parents or legal guardians of children enrolled in our school, as well as faculty of Vance Charter School, members of the Board of Directors, administrative personnel, and any other interested persons in Vance Charter School.

FOVC Officers

President – Kristen Bobbitt Vice President – Candy Moore Secretary – Melissa Jones Treasurer – Tracey Hight Faculty Representative – Kristy Harp

Why Should I Join FOVC?

By paying your membership dues of $5.00 per family, you are entitled to participate and vote in the FOVC business meetings and/or to serve in any of it’s elective or appointive positions. Attending the scheduled meetings also earns you an hour of volunteer time.

FOVC also oversees committees designed to promote volunteering and maintain a spirit of cooperation among parents, teachers, and administrators.