Student Withdrawal / Forfeit Policy

Should a student officially withdraw from Vance Charter School after the first day of a given school year, the Principal shall reference the appropriate waiting list and invite the next student on said list to enroll at Vance Charter School. Should that person accept the opening, he or she will be enrolled. Should that person decline the opening, the Principal will contact the next person on the waiting list. This process shall continue until the opening is filled or the waiting list for the referenced grade is exhausted.

This process will remain in place through the first quarter (45 student school days) of a given school year. Should a student withdrawal occur after the 45th student school day, the opening will remain vacant for the remainder of the school year.

In regard to the waiting list, any time that the Principal must reference the waiting list to fill a vacancy, the Principal will call the phone numbers provided until a parent or guardian is reached. Should the contact numbers provided be out of service, the Principal will send a letter to the family on the waiting list, using the address provided on the application. Applicants will be given until 4:00 PM on the second Friday after the letter is sent home to accept the open position. If there is no response from the applicant by that time, the opening is forfeited and the Principal will call the next family on the waiting list.

Adopted by the Board of Directors, 12/17/12