Sibling Preference Policy

(Approved 7/28/14)

All students who wish to apply to Vance Charter School must complete an application for the upcoming school year. In order for the application to be included in the lottery drawing, it must be submitted by the application deadline. Any applications received after the deadline or after the lottery has occurred will be added to the end of the wait list, regardless of sibling preference.

All applications received during the allotted time for the current year lottery will be contacted by phone and/or mail when the application is received. If a student is transferring from another school, the application must correspond to the current grade in which the child is enrolled. If a child is not currently enrolled in school, they must apply for the age appropriate grade.

The application must be accurate for each child’s grade level. If the correct grade level that a student is applying for is not reflected on the application and VCS is not notified prior to the lottery, the student will be placed at the end of the wait list for the appropriate grade.

A new application must be submitted for all students who are not currently enrolled at Vance Charter School. This includes siblings of enrolled students, all incoming Kindergarten students, including siblings of currently enrolled VCS students, and any student who is on the wait list from the previous year’s lottery.

If multiple siblings have applied and one sibling receives notice from the school administration that they have received a place for the next school year, the other siblings remain in the order on the wait list at which they have been drawn for that school year. However, the following year, if the sibling submits a new application, they will be considered a sibling preference and the position will be determined by the current year’s lottery for grades 1st through 8th.

False or misleading applications or information submitted solely with the intent of receiving preference will result in the loss of one’s spot at Vance Charter School, regardless of lottery outcome if the application is not accurate.