2nd grade
Vance Charter School Curriculum

As stated in the Vance Charter School Mission Statement and Beliefs, we provide a strong curriculum, based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, enriched with service learning and the Core Knowledge Sequence.

Our success is not measured by state mandated tests alone. We educate the “whole child”- academically, morally, and socially- while promoting an appreciation for diversity and fostering a mastery of life skills. Character education is an integral part of the curriculum, woven daily into lessons and reflected in behavior expectations. Teachers enhance student success by modeling critical and creative thinking skills; by providing a sound, vibrant curriculum; by utilizing innovative teaching strategies and by engaging in on-going assessment of student outcomes.

We value the pursuit of knowledge; the freedom to question; the chance to explore. Quality instruction is provided and protected at all times. Therefore, no one will be allowed to interrupt a teacher’s ability to teach or any student’s opportunity to learn.

5th graders