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Class of 2023 Seniors


College Applications:

Contact information for applications: 

Jill Bender, Counselor,

Amine Seifert, Advisor, 

Residency Determination Services: 

College Foundation of NC: 
Has tools for researching 2- and 4- year colleges in NC, and information about how to apply to and pay for your college education. 
College Test Scores:  College Admissions Test Scores are optional again this year for the 16 University System.  For more information, read the Test Waiver memorandum.  

College Application Timeline Goals for September
  • Create MyCFNC account. Use their tools to narrow down your list of colleges.
  • Apply for FSA ID's for student and parent.
  • Complete rough drafts of essays and resumes for your colleges.
  • Narrow down list of scholarships and check due dates.
  • Submit information to teachers for letters of recommendation.
  • Finalize Early Decision/Early Action applications. (Deadlines vary by school, but many are Oct 15 or Nov 1).
  • Contact testing agencies to send scores. (2023 entry  is still test optional for many schools).
  • Continue working on your Common App.

Scholarship / Financial Aid Information

Fill out your FASFA at:

The Vance Charter Scholarship committee will meet in Sept to select our school nominees for the following academic college scholarships:
  • UNC Morehead-Cain Scholarship 
  • NCCU Cheatham White Scholarship 
  • NC A&T Cheatham White Scholarship
  • UNC-Charlotte Levine Scholars
  • SECU Foundation "People Helping People" Scholarship (for use at any of the 16 UNC system campuses)
If you would like to be considered, please complete this form by Sept 9 to be considered as a Vance Charter nominee.

Most scholarships do not require a school nomination. Below are some additional big scholarships with deadlines coming up where you apply directly:

There are many scholarship opportunities available - based on academics, special activities, financial need, demographics, etc. Each school also has their own scholarships. Check college websites and use the links below to explore additional opportunities! 

These websites are only some of the ones that have scholarship information.  Remember that scholarship searches and applications should never cost money.

Individual colleges may have their own scholarships and financial aid.  Please check their websites for more information.

For all regular school or counseling issues, Mrs. Bender is available to assist students with their needs.  To see the counselor, please visit the office.  To schedule appointments with the counselor, use this link:, email a request to or call the school at 252-431-0440.

All seniors should complete a Senior Career Plan form at the beginning of the school year and then make an appointment to meet with Mrs. Seifert, the College & Career Coordinator. To schedule an appointment, visit or email a request to

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