Useful Websites in the College Application Process

College Foundation of NC (CFNC) This is a free service of the state of NC that helps students plan, apply and pay for college. Students can sign up for a free account. Students may also apply directly to NC colleges through this website.

College Board Students may know about this site for SAT prep and AP classes, but they also offer college and scholarship search tools.

Common App This website is an application platform that allows students to apply to multiple colleges using one common application along with supplemental materials for each school. Most of our students apply to college using this website as over 1000 schools are members.

Common Black College Application This website allows students to apply to any number of the 67 member HBCU's for only $20.

Corsava What should you be looking for in a college? Not sure where to apply? This is an online tool designed to help students discover what is most important to them about the college experience. Vance Charter has a license to use this online resource with students. Contact Mrs. Seifert to access your free account.****

University of NC College System Links to information about the 17 member institutions in the state college system.