Toilet Training Policy


The health and safety of the student body demands that unless a child has a documented disability that prevents him or her from being toilet trained by the age he or she is eligible to attend kindergarten, all children who attend Vance Charter School are expected to be toilet trained. Children are expected to be able to handle their own personal hygiene needs independently, including managing their clothing, toileting and clean up, and hand washing. When a child has an occasional toileting accident, staff members will: contact the parent(s), help the child clean up and change into clean clothes (providing they have been provided by the parent) if necessary; and place soiled clothing items in a plastic bag to return home.

If a student’s toileting accidents become a documented pattern (i.e., daily, more than once weekly; weekly for multiple weeks, etc.), administration shall be informed of the existence of a documented pattern. At such time, verbal and written notice shall be provided to the parent. From that point forward, the parent will be contacted and will be expected to come and change the child or pick the child up from school in the event of a toileting accident.

Adopted by the Board of Directors 12-16-2013