Parental Background Check Policy

Any parent or volunteer interested in serving as a chaperone for a school-sponsored event must submit to a criminal background check at least annually. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify a person as a chaperone until such time as one is performed.

Information obtained through a criminal background check may be discussed between administrative personnel, as well as appropriate legal counsel. Should the criminal background check lead to the disqualification of a parent/volunteer as a chaperone, the Principal will speak directly with said parent/volunteer privately to inform him or her of the issue.

Information that could warrant disqualification of being a chaperone can include convictions for:

  • Offenses related to illegal substances
  • DWI and/or lack of a driver’s license
  • Offenses involving weapons and/or violence
  • Offenses involving children
  • Such other related Offenses that in the discretion of the principal, are not individuals who need to serve in such a capacity.

Ultimately, each criminal background check will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the administration. Decisions of the administration are final.