General Description


Dress code: Clothing should be clean and not torn or ripped above the knee to the point where skin is visible. The students’ general appearance should be crisp, clean, and sharp. At no time are pants to be worn below the waist or hanging from the hips. It is the parents’ responsibility to buy pants that fit properly. Hats or any other types of head coverings are not permitted inside the building unless done so in accordance with religious or other cultural customs. Girls should not show any midriff area and shall not wear clothing with spaghetti straps (straps must be at least 1” wide) or any other apparel that shows cleavage. Skirts and shorts should be of mid-thigh length or longer. No middle school student or 9th grader is permitted to wear a tank top. Further, no undergarments of boys or girls (including bra straps) shall be visible. Clothing that has offensive or distracting language or graphics is not permitted. Clothing may not reference or advertise those products which a student may not possess, such as tobacco or alcohol. Sleepwear is not permitted. Everyone is responsible for enforcement of the dress code at all times.