Dismissal Procedures Policy

Afternoon Dismissal 
K-2 students will be dismissed at 3:00; 3-4 students at 3:05 and 5-8 students at 3:10.

Dismissal From the Front Entry Mall (Grades K-4)
Students will be lined up by grade level and must remain with their teacher until an authorized adult advises the teacher the child is being removed. Students will not be allowed to leave the mall without adult supervision. If your child is released from the mall, please be sure to park in a legally designated spot and enter the mall for pick up.


Dismissal From The Rear of the School Grades 5-8
Students in grades 5-8 will be released at the back of the school at their assigned dismissal time. Staff members will be present to assist students as they enter and exit the cars. Your cooperation is asked in following the requirements below when picking up your child.

  • NEVER use the alley on Roses’ side to enter the school area. Always enter from the Food Lion alley. Parents driving on the school property should be particularly careful, as children do not always look first.
  • Please do not get out of your car to pick up your child; teachers and instructional assistants will escort the children to cars.
  • Follow the directions given by school personnel.
    As administrators, we recognize times when extenuating circumstances may prevent parents from picking a child up on time. Should this occur, parents should follow the guidelines listed below:
  • Call the school as soon as possible, advising as to what time your child will be picked up. Upon your arrival, report to the main office and sign your child out.
  • After 3:10, your child will be assigned to after school care and the appropriate
    charges ($7.50 per day, plus a $10 registration fee) will apply beginning at 3:20.

Early Dismissal

The administration expects that VCS students will be spending an entire school day in their assigned classes. The regular dismissal format is established by equal allotments of time in class. Picking up students prior to regular dismissal disrupts instructional time for students who remain in the class as well as for the student who is being removed. Should the rare occasion arise which requires parents to remove a child early, we ask they notify their child’s teacher in advance with a written note or through email. This will allow appropriate time for makeup work to be assigned. Sign your child out at the front security desk, and the attendant will call the classroom for your child. Please pick up your child quickly and quietly. For protection of quality, uninterrupted instructional time, this is not the time for a parent conference. Dental and doctor appointments, illness and family emergencies are the only excused absences for early dismissal. Students must take responsibility to confer with teachers about makeup work completion dates.