Athletic Eligibility Policy

Adopted May 21, 2012
Effective July 24, 2013

All middle school students are eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics, to include those who have modified grading/assignments. To wit: if a student is working below grade level because of a disability for which he or she has an IEP, the grade he or she receive for his or her academic performance at the level for his or her modified grading/assignments will be given the same validity for athletic eligibility as a student in the same grade who receives a grade for doing on-grade level work.

The standard for athletic eligibility is a “C” average with no grades lower than a “D” in any class. In determining a student’s average, grades will be weighted by the number of minutes a class meets each week. As such, core classes (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies), which meet for 450 minutes per week, would be considered a full credit course. Electives/Specials would be weighted accordingly in that a Special that meets twice a week for a total of 90 minutes would represent 0.2 credits.

Eligibility will be determined every 2 weeks. In addition to a student’s average, if any student-athlete earns a course average that is below a “D,” in any class, the teacher is to inform the Curriculum Director and the Athletic Director. At that point, the student is Academically Ineligible to participate in Athletics. The student-athlete may regain eligibility if, at the next 2 week interval, his or her grades have met eligibility criteria. If not, the student-athlete remains Academically Ineligible for two more weeks.

Initial athletic eligibility for students wishing to participate in sports in the Fall (Girls’ Volleyball and Boys’ Soccer) shall be determined based upon the student’s grades from the final quarter of the previous school year.