As You Enter Policy

For the safety of each and every individual in our building we require the following:
• Every visitor and volunteer must SIGN IN at the front security desk.
• Everyone within the building must wear an ID badge. Staff can be identified by badge; visitor badges will be issued at check-in.
• Every visitor and volunteer must SIGN OUT at the front security desk with the completion of business at VCS.
• For pick-up during school hours, parents must report to the front security desk and wait in the lobby while the attendant calls the classroom. Teachers will not release a child to a parent directly from the classroom.
• No admittance to the building will be allowed through the rear entrance or any side doors. No student or staff member will open the door from the inside for entry into the school.

We welcome your supportive presence in our building. Volunteer service to our children is an important part of what makes VCS a special place to learn. However, safety is of primary concern. We must observe certain rules to ensure a continual safe environment.