Staff members of the Vance County Child Protective Services visited with the kindergarten classes at Vance Charter School on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, and accepted their donation of children’s books.

Under the direction of kindergarten teacher Joan Munn as well as Girl Scout Troop 1116, Vance Charter School students collected over 1200 children’s books during the month of March in observance of National Reading Month. The children not only collected the books, which ranged from board books for very young children to chapter books for older readers, but also counted them as practice of their counting skills.

Vance County Social Work Program Administrator Meredith Houchins, Social Work Supervisor Tyler Terry, Foster Care Social Worker Monique Clayton, and CPS Social Workers Angula Williams, Elmer Rayo, and Vickie Jones had the opportunity to meet with all three VCS kindergarten classes and their teachers Lisa Byrom, Julie Earnhardt, and Joan Munn. In each classroom, Houchins and her team members explained how they support both children and parents in our community in order to help them deal more successfully with life and family challenges.  They also told the children that their donated books will be given to area children when the social workers visit their homes. The kindergarteners learned that these social workers are community helpers just like police officers and firefighters.

As the students gave the books to the social workers, the children said they hope other children will enjoy the donated books and will love reading as much as they do.