Vance Charter Staff Directory


Ayscue Amy EC 263
Bacudio Lovi MS Math 246
Barnes Vickie 5th grade 239
Bowers Ada Art 233
Brummitt Bobbi 4th grade 232
Byrom Lisa Kindergarten 259
Carroll Beth MS Language Arts 242
Cash Cindy Grammar 272
Cheatham Melvin Custodian mail box
Collins Cheree 3rd grade 230
Connolly Sean Principal 223
Cortes Carolina Spanish 234
Deal Vicki 3rd grade 227
Deberry Julia Spanish 236
Dinwoodie Leah 5th grade 237
Earnhardt Julie Kindergarten 256
Ellington Angie Personal Assistant 274
Ellington Kim 1st grade 260
Evitts Crystal 4th grade 235
Frazier Sherry EC 251
Fuller Lauren 5th grade 238
Gore Phyllis Librarian 267
Goswick Donna Social Studies 247
Gray Patrice I.A. 260
Harrison Dale I.A. 257
Hill Teresa After School 268
Johnson Susan 2nd grade 254
Jones Janette MS Language Arts 248
Knight Renee EC Assistant 263
Long Jennifer 2nd grade 258
Macon Shonda l.A. 259
Mann Deborah I.A. 256
Matthews Rebecca Front Desk Receptionist 221 or 0
Meadows Nikki Personal Assistant 254
Meyer-Goodwin Wendy Reading Specialist 3-5 270
Munn Joan Kindergarten 257
Neely Susan Music 273
Norwood LeeAnna MS Math 249
Nowell Jo Ellen 6th Grade Language Arts 243
Parham Sandra Personal Assistant 274
Pegram Peggy ESL/Testing Coordinator 222
Pendergrass Lisa 1st grade 262
Puckett Ellen Personal Assistant 274
Purvis Amy EC 271
Read Jo Curriculum Director 224
Roberson Allison 6th Grade Science/Social Studies 241
Rowan Keesha Speech 264
Sandlin Daniel PE 226/ gym 277
Sandlin Dennis PE/Athletic Director 226/ gym 277
Satterwhite Angela 1st grade 255
Satterwhite Susan 3rd grade 228
Sauer Meghan MS Science 245
Scannell Joanne Occupational Therapist 265
Shelton Linda 6th Grade Math 244
Stevenson Michelle Admin. Asst. 225
Terry Floyd Custodian Mailbox
Terry Leon Maintenance Mailbox
Tuttle Wendy EC 261
Tyler Parka 2nd grade 253
Weaver William Computer Tech. 252
Williams Karen Technology 250
Williford Mary I.A. 253
Wilson Paula 4th grade 231
Wilson Wanda Reading Specialist K-2 269
Wright Amy I.A. 261
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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August 20th- 1st Day of School- early dismissal
August 20th, 21st, 22nd- Early Dismissal at 11:30 am
September 1st - Labor Day Holiday- No School
September 15th- Fall Picture
September 17th- Blood Drive
September 17th- Early Dismissal - 11:30
September 18th - FOVC Meeting at 7:00pm
October 15th- Early Dismissal 11:30 am
October 24th- NO School
October 30th - FOVC Meeting at 7:00pm
November 20th - FOVC Meeting at 7:00pm
January 15th, 2015 - FOVC Meeting at 7:00pm
March 19th, 2015 - FOVC Meeting at 7:00pm
May 21st, 2015 - FOVC Meeting at 7:00pm
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Accredited by AdvancED (Formerly SACS)
First Charter school in North Carolina and the only public elementary/middle school in Vance County to be (SACS) accredited.
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